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Rescue Information:

Australian Shepherd Rescue Site - Canada & the USA
ARPH - Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline, Inc.
STAAR - Second Time Around Aussie Rescue

Canine Health & Genetics:

The Dog Genome Project
Basic Body Colors of Australian Shepherds
Inheritance of Color in Australian Shepherd Dogs - Lisa McDonald
Merck Veterinary Manual - on-line!
Veterinary Partner dot com an online search engine for pet health questions - an EXCELLENT resource page!
Emergency Info Links - an very good resource page!
VetInfo - excellent information about canine diseases and vaccinations as well as lots more!
The College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO)
The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA)
Guide to Genetic Diseases in Dogs
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Ophthalmology Services
American Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology
Importance of Complete Pedigrees
Immune System & Disease Resistance
The Canine Diversity Project
Hereditary Defects in Australian Shepherds
Herpes Infection in Dogs
CEA & I - a paper on Collie Eye Anomoly - C.A. Sharp
OFA - Searchable database for certified dogs
Health Gene Corporation - Infectious Conditions Associated With Loss Of Pregnancy In The Bitch (and other DNA info)
NetVet Veterinary Resources
VetGen Genetic Information
AltVetMed - Complementary & Alternative Veterinary Medicine
AVAR's Guide to Genetic Diseases in Dogs
Canine Genetics & Health
American Veterinary Medical Association
Dog Genome Project - A scientific study of the chromosomes in dogs
Enclyclopedia of canine vet medical information
Canine vaccination schedule
Canine Health Concerns - variety of articles about Canine Health
The Immune System and Disease Resistance - W. Jean Dodds, DVM*
Canine Epilepsy & Thyroid Information

Other Dog Related Links:


Agility Association of Canada
Agility Ability
The Dog Agility Page
Agility Magazine
Agility by Carlson High quality, handcrafted dog agility equipment & obedience jumps for sale at discount prices
Helix's Agility Equipment - how to build your own!
Camp Bandy Pet Resort - how to build your own!
Clean Run Magazine - how to build your own!
Helix's Agility Equipment - how to build your own! Skyrocket Agility Equipment
Dog Agility for Novices
Front & Finish – devoted to dog training & associate performance events (Obedience Agility,
       Flyball, Freestyle, Herding, Rally, Tracking)
       Front & Finish email list: To Subscribe email:
AgilityAussies:  To Subscribe email:


Virtual Dog Show
Show Dogs West
Western Dog Shows
Jack Onofrio Dog Shows, L.L.C.
Show Dogs email list:  To Subscribe email:


Flyball Home Page
The British Flyball Association


Freestyle Frisbee
Dog Disc Information
Mary Jo's Frisbee® Dog Page
Frisbee Dog Club - National Capital Air Canines Homepage
Westman Disc Dogs - Canada's first disc dog club!


Aussie-Ed - a wide variety of articles about working Aussies
Canada's Guide to Dogs - Herding
The International Herder
The Herdsman - Series of on-line articles covering herding courtesy of AKC
AHBA - American Herding Breed Association
Shepherd's Journal - a great Canadian magazine dedicated to sheep enthusiasts
Northeast Herding Info (Northeastern U.S.)
Herding on the Web ~
Agri Help-Stockdogs ~
Stockdog Server ~
American Kennel Club Events ~
ASCA Events Calendar ~

If you are interested in herding, there are a wide variety of videotapes available and we highly recommend Herding I, II and III by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor (go to the Las Rocosa site at to order).

Herding email resources:

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     with the message: SUBSCRIBE HERDERS-L your FirstName yourLastName

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The Obedience Home Page
The Dog Obedience and Training Page
Canine Freestyle Federation

Service Dog Information:

Canadian Guide Dogs For The Blind
Dogs For The Deaf Inc.


The Tracking Page

Other dog related sites:

Irish Dogs
Agsites - a huge resource for all things Agriculture
Onederdog ~ excellent & low cost software for tracking all of your herding, conformation, obedience & agility titles
DogCtr ~ ampther great resource for dog links!
Dog Sport Magazine
CanadaDog - great info for Canadians!
Doggies@thenet - a wonderful, informative site done by Soo Jin Koh, a 12 year old girl in Japan!
Dog Zone
Dog World - lots of great information!
The Poop - a wonderful rescue database as well as photo contests & great articles about dogs
Caleb's Corner - GREAT dog stories & poems
Terry Oronato's beautiful poetry
Calabria Aussies - Build your own grooming tables, etc.
Canine Equipment - for the very best designed training collar I've found plus other wonderful canine products! A Canadian Company!
Pro Dogs Networks - Lot's of links to a wide variety of information!
SitStay GoOut Store - HTML pedigree generator & good products!
Purina Pet Care Centre
Obedience with AnnMarie Silverton
Obedience with Karen Pryor
Recipes for dog treats
Three Dog Bakery
"Animals & Their People" - Great short stories!!
Best Friends Pet Care - training & boarding facilities in the USA
Dog, Dogs, a Canine Wonderland! - If you love dogs, visit now for tons of free dog stuff! - a wide variety of information of use to people with small farms or rural property.
General Info on dog breeds -

Canine search engines:

Open Directory Project
Working Dog Web
The Directory Of Dog Web Sites
Pet Dir search engine
Dog Info
Lonely Dog Planet
The Snare
Canada's Guide To Dogs

Links regarding blind dogs: The Blind Dogs Elist Living with a Blind Dog Blind Dog Emergency Pack or EyeVet Dogs With Disabilities How Dogs React to Blindness PetFinder Journal Littlest Angel Vests Building A Harness
If you do a search for "blind dog" on almost any search engine, you will find a lot of links to personal pages for Blind Dogs.

Links regarding blind dogs" A great informational page about training a deaf Aussie written by Jennifer Laus Deaf Dog Owners E-list email discussion list with 500+ other deaf dog owners from all over the world, subscribe to deafdogs-daily e-mail discussion list Deaf Dogs Webpage, a complimentary site to the e-mail discussion list The Deaf Dog Webpage Deaf-initely Trainable - article from the Whole Dog Journal - great article on how to train a deaf dog Harrington's Training Page Articles about training any dog with a disability - a GREAT resource site! Info to help you train your deaf dog from library LSU information about deafness in dogs Deafness in Dog and Cats -  Information on Deafness Incidence, Causes, and Management For Owners, Breeders, and Researchers, by George M. Strain Instructions for building a vibrating collar Home page for Dizzy a deaf dog with good descriptions of how they trained Dizzy & how they are training their new deaf puppy, Bertie
If you do a search for "deaf dog" on almost any search engine, you will find a lot of links to personal pages for Deaf Dogs with lots of good advice and stories about how others have overcome deafness to have long and happy lives with their canine friends!

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